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Caches where you'll find Roamin' Joe on the log



Kate`s Cache

N 33° 38.222 W 117° 23.138

Joe's first find! Beautiful view... Close to "Take Off"


You're Cleared for Take-Off

N 33° 38.268 W 117° 23.276

Joe's gonna cache along the Morgan Trail soon...


Elsinore Run

N 33° 37.022 W 117° 25.809

Joe hopes there's water in the falls when you go to this one!


Rest In The Shade Cache

N 33° 36.714 W 117° 26.023

Watchout for poison oak!


El Cariso Picnic Cache

N 33° 39.088 W 117° 24.862

Just a short walk from where Joe parked his truck.


Exploring El Cariso

N 33° 39.191 W 117° 24.798

Close by to El Cariso Picnic Cache, but a bit more of a hike to get to.

VERY well hidden. Joe nearly stepped on an extraordinarily large rattlesnake while looking for this cache.


High Cache

N 33° 40.102 W 117° 27.826

One of Joe's favorites! Great views, a push of a hike, and close to Los Piños Peak!


Los Piños Peak

N 33° 39.858 W 117° 28.298

4500+ feet of elevation in the Ortegas! The can was easy to find, but empty, except for the log.

Joe left his name and a couple trinkets (I forget what it was...), but the hike is worth taking!


Sill Hill Falls

N 32° 58.387 W 116° 36.802

Mid-spring grass was tall. The trail was overgrown and Joe was wandering happily along until he heard the sound of falling water...



N 33° 36.750 W 117° 25.582

By all means, visit the candy store! Super nice people, shweeeeeeet stuff!

Don’t stop and go, though… spend an hour or two (or a day) up the trail to Bear Canyon and The Morgan Trail!


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